2023 Festival


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Voices by the Sea Festival puts together a list of available accommodation in Galway. check here. Closer to festival time, we can also provide choirs with popular cafe and restaurant suggestions in Galway.

Voices by the Sea festival has put together an Accommodation Guide (link here) with specially negotiated accommodation rates for visiting choirs. In addition, we team up with the city’s best restaurants, bars, and transport providers so that choirs are offered the best deals in town. 

The choirs are welcome to perform from the repertoire that they feel most comfortable with. Choirs are asked to perform the short programme of 3 – 4 works of their own choice.

An A Capella performance is welcomed as is an accompanied performance. Choirs that require a piano or any instrument for their performances are advised to bring or hire the accompaniment independently.

Choirs that require a music stand or other forms of equipment for performances are also advised to bring or hire independently.

Friday: Welcome club and Ardú Masterclass (Ardú Workshop and Performance).

Saturday: Lucy Champion Masterclass (Vocal technique, posture (Alexander Technique), workshopping the communal piece).

“Music in the Eyre” (Performance Opportunity on the streets of Galway and in various pubs in the heart of Galway City).

Keara Sheeran and Peter Mannion Contemporary Masterclass.

Evening Concert at Saint Nicholas’ Collegiate Church. 

Enjoy our Festival Club.

Sunday: More Performance opportunities.

BIG SING Closing Masterclass Lucy Champion / Keara Sheeran / Peter Mannion.

Voices by the Sea Festival welcome choirs of all ages and size. There is no limit to the number of members participating in each group at Voices by the Sea festival

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